Basquiat Inspired Crown Art

Celebrating Black History Month being inspired by artist Jean-Michel Basquiat!

We are honouring the influential artist by creating our own pieces with his iconic crowns and similar imagery. His use of vibrant colours and chaotic drawings mixed with text will all be represented in this project. Part of the neo-experssionist movement he came up during the graffiti era and used social commentary in his works to highlight racism and inequality.

All mediums used for this project are interchangeable, since Basquiat was also a mixed media artist!

Make your own:

  1. Start by drawing your dinosaur or favourite animal. Adding highlights and colours as you’d like to create the graffiti style.
  2. Add the iconic crown with the black outline on top of your animal.
  3. Add bold text around and behind your animal as well as colours for the background. Feel free to add slashes, marks and brush strokes to the background as well.

Original piece:

Check out this classes renditions of this project!