Bees Wax Sheet Candle Making

Make your own:

  1. Cut sheet to desired size.
  2. Cut butcher cord for your wick 3/4″ of an inch longer than the wax.
  3. Lay the wick along the edge of the sheet and start rolling the candle by bending over 1/8″ of an inch of the wax. With this small channel, you’ll enclose the wick. Working from one end to the other, press down firmly to make sure the wax is tight around the wick.
  4. Once the wick is pressed firmly into the wax, gently start rolling the wax, making sure it is straight and keeping the ends even. Roll until you reach the end of the wax.
  5. Optional: You may add another sheet (same or different colour) to make your candle thicker by butting the second sheet (same size) against the edge of the first sheet. Press edge into the thickness of the candle and continue rolling.
  6. Press the final edge down onto the side of the candle to form a smooth edge.
  7. You may use choose to decorate your candle by using extra different coloured wax. Cut extra sheets using cookie cutters or an knife to create shapes to stick onto your candle!
  8. Check out our how to video here!

Tip: for easier handling & manipulating of the wax, warm the wax sheet with a hairdryer on low heat small sections at a time!