Easy Bubble Painting

DIY painting for kids, or grown ups using whatever type of paint you like! Collect different sized circles (yogurt lids, cups, playdough containers) anything you can get paint on!

Make your own:

1. Start with a black canvas (you can paint it black or use black paper or cardstock)
2. Pour white paint on a flat surface like a paper plate and dip your circles in the paint and stamp it on your canvas. Make as many circles as you like, different sizes!
3. Using your finger or a brush, dip in your colour paint and add it around the inside of the bubbles. The more colours the better!
4. Next add white splatters to make it look like some of the bubbles are popping!
5. Lastly, add white highlights onto each bubble (between 1 and 3 per bubble)
6. Sign your beautiful work and display it somewhere everyone will see it!