Heart Photo Holder

Make your own:

  1. Decorate plastic flower pot however you like!
  2. Place a 2.5″ styrofoam ball into a plastic flower pot & place strip of tape over the ball to the sides of the pot securing the ball in place.
  3. Glue a clothes pin (clip side up) to a heart shaped coaster, and a wooden dowel from the middle of the coaster to downward using a glue gun.
  4. Repeat step 3 a second time to make a second heart with clothes pin & dowel.
  5. Decorate front of heart coaster as you wish – with foamie hearts, sequins & jewels ect.
  6. Using the end of the dowel, stick into the styrofoam ball upright, making sure both hearts on dowels fit!
  7.  Add photos onto clothes pins and place somewhere in home for everyone to see!!