Mosaic Art Inspired by Alma Thompson

Celebrating Black History Month being inspired by the incredible artist & teacher Alma Thompson!

We are honouring her bright, bold and colourful signature style by creating our own pieces using mosaic squares, white glue, pencil and white cardstock or canvas boards! You can also try this with acrylic paint or cut up pieces of construction paper!

This project and lesson is adaptable for students of any age by just adjusting the medium you use!

Make your own:

  1. Start by sorting some of the coloured mosaic pieces by colour.
  2. Using a brush, place glue down where you’d like your inner circle and arrange the mosaic pieces on the glue. This can be as large or small as you’d like.
  3. Use your brush to create a circle of glue around your inner circle and place your next colour mosaic squares on top of the glue circle.
  4. Continue the rings around to create a pattern like Alma, until you cover the whole canvas.