Snappix Canvas Bookmark

Perler has devised a cool new way to use beads to make awesome designs! Simply snap regular melt beads into the flexible snappix canvas to create! No ironing required-beads stay securely in place!

Make your own:

  1. Start by cutting the snappix canvas sheet to your desired bookmark size! Make sure to trim the edges clean.
  2. Put the top hole on the bead into the top part of the H and pop bottom in place. Repeat until your entire design is in place leaving the bottom row empty!
  3. Cut 3 strands of embroidery thread to your desired length (we used 3 strands per hole) and loop through hole and knot at the strings together under the bottom row.
  4. Repeat for each hole.
  5. Once you’ve added all your string, carefully pop beads into the remaining holes.
  6. Use with multiple books for the rest of time!