Clay Menorah Making Kits

Clay Menorah Making Kits

2 different Clay Menorah Making Kit to choose from!

Clay & Glass Stone Version contains – 1 lb brick of clay, 1 package of glass stones

Clay & Paint Version contains – 1 lb brick of clay, 1 acrylic paint pot set, 1 small short brush


  1. Mould the clay into a menorah shape, you can use a little bit of water to help loosen up the material!
  2. Next, use a Hannukah candle to push 8 holes into the clay creating the candle holder.
  3. Add a little extra clay to make one area taller to create the “shamash” and push a Hannukah candle into the clay to create the candle holder.
  4. Push the flat side of the stones into the clay on the sides of the menorah (not covering any of the candle holes). Add a little bit of extra clay around the round part on the edges to secure in place.
  5. Let dry overnight!

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