Plastic Vortex Bottle Connector (DIY Tornado)

Plastic Vortex Bottle Connector (DIY Tornado)

Sold individually, the Plastic Vortex Bottle Connector is a plastic adapter fitted so that two plastic soda bottles can be held together in order to create a vortex in the top bottle.

DIY Tornado In a Bottle:

You will need 2  2L empty bottles. Make sure to remove the ring of plastic from underneath the bottle cap. Fill 1 bottle with water 3/4 of the way full, twist the connector onto the bottle top and then add the other bottle to the connector on the top.

Carefully flip and then spin the top bottle so that air begins to replace the water in the top bottle, forming a vortex shape. By spinning and creating the vortex, it breaks the surface tension and allows the water to flow through.


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